Youth Cultural Ambassador Team

YCAT's are Back!!
Below are 3 great programs that we offer to support students who may be new to our community and/or our school.
YCAT Training: An interactive, fun and educational workshop series designed for youth to build
awareness, knowledge and skills surrounding cultural diversity and inclusion. These youth will become
positive role models in their school and/or community and will welcome new students into the school.
Culture Club: Weekly lunchtime activities designed to encourage students to meet other students in the
school, discuss issues, learn about Canadian life and practice English.
The Mix: An inter-cultural activity led by YCAT and Culture Club participants who bring the entire student
body together to honour our diversity. The Mix will explore various cultural celebrations and traditions
through hands-on activities, games and dance from different culture.
Contact: Sone Leskovjan
FCIS Program Coordinator Ph:403-652-5325