Parent Portal

Have you signed up on the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal is a valuable connection between you
and your school. We will be sending out an
important document required by Alberta Education
through the Parent Portal very soon. Watch your
email for instructions and log in to the Parent Portal
to view the form. If you have yet to sign up on the
Parent Portal, please do so here:  PowerSchool

Parents going to the Parent Portal for the first time:
We must emphasize the importance of creating your Parent Portal Account. Important documents will be sent via the Parent Portal in the near future.
1.Please go to:
2.Click the “Create Account” Tab and follow the directions.
3.Add your child(ren), you will need the Access ID’s and passwords that were mailed to you lastweek. If you have misplaced your letter, please give the school a call or email to request themagain: 403-652-2889
4.Click the Blue Enter button to finish creating your account and a new sign in page will open up.You will use the user name and password that you just created.
This is what you will see below, there will be tabs at the top for each of your children, if you need to add a sibling, go to the Account Preferences>Student Tab>Add feature.