Summer Reading At HSA

One of the best ways to help students develop as readers is to provide opportunities for them to engage in reading activities. Over the course of the school year our primary students have worked hard to develop reading skills. As parents, you have worked extremely hard to help your child develop as a reader. If your child is not engaged in reading throughout the summer months, it is highly likely that they will lose some of the skills they have developed and the transition to a new grade may be more difficult.

 In an effort to ensure that your child’s reading skills do not regress, we are inviting you to participate in our Summer Reading Program.  Over the summer, we are committed to providing appropriately leveled books for your child. There will be 3 specific days set aside, that you will have the opportunity to come into the school and exchange books. We will provide your child with enough books to last two weeks.

If you are interested in having your child participate in this program, please let Mrs. Hamilton know. We will send out more information, as it gets closer to summer holidays.